Meeting of heads of administrations

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On April 22 a meeting of heads of administrations from 3 countries was held in Kõrveküla (Estonia, Tartu county) 
1. Participating in crosse-border programmes
2. Trip to Euroregion "Šešupe"(Lithuania-Poland- Russia,Kaliningrad oblast)

1. To Estonia-Latvia programme a project supporting the home manufacturers has been submitted
To Latvia-Russia programme the following directions - bycicle routes, supporting the home manufacturers, waste management, green areas
Estonia-Russia the following directions - small projects, pupils change, cooperation of museums
2.Trip to Euroregion "Šešupe" will take place in the first half of August

Participants in meeting:
1. Igor Sirotin - Vice major of Pskov
2. Vladimir Lavrenov - Head of Pskov rayon administration; Head of Euregio Pskov-Livonia Pskov section 
3. Svjatoslav Kolinko - Vice head of Pskov rayon administration
4. Andris Kazinovskis - Balvi municipality, head of council; Euregio Pskov-Livonia Läti sektsiooni esimees
5. Juris Dombrovskis - Cibla municipalityhead of council
6. Peteris Laganovskis - Karsava municipality, vice head of council
7. Ilona Igorena - Ludza municipality, chief specialist
8. Astrida Harju - Ape municipality, head of council
9. Janis Liberts - Ape municipality; vice head of council
10. Arturs Dukulis - Aluksne municipalityhead of council
11. Sergejs Maksimovs - Vilaka municipalityhead of council
12. Leonids Cvetkovs - Vilaka municipality, vice head of council
13. Karlis Lapinš - Smiltene municipality, executive director
14. Madis Gross - Head of administration parish Tõlliste; Euregio Pskov-Livonia, member of the board of Estonian section
15. Raul Kudre - Head of administration parish Värska 
16. Kaido Tamberg - Head of administration parish Sangaste 
17. Juris Annuškans - Euregio Pskov-Livonia, executive director of Latvian section
18. Ain Jõesalu - Euregio Pskov-Livonia, executive director of Estonian section

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Head of the Board

Executive director

Head of the Board
Sergejs Maksimovs

phone: +371 64507224
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Executive director
Juris Annuskans

phone: +371 6 4520928
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