Section of Estonia

Written by Editor.

The legal name of Euregio Estonian section is NGO Euregio Pskov-Livonia, (register no 80194194), constituted 23.11.2003.

Address: Kesk 12 Valga 68203 ESTONIA

The founders of Euregio(Estonian section) are Association of municipalities of Valga county and Association of municipalities of Põlva county. In 2006 Association of municipalities of Võru county joined Euregio.

The supreme body is General Meeting. The Board calls the General Meeting when it's necessary but at least once a year.

The activity of Euregio is managed and Euregio is represented by the Board.

Members of the Board:

1. Aivar Luts - chairman; major of Kanepi municipality

2. Madis Gross - chairman of Association of municipalities in Valga county; major of Tõlliste municipality

3. Tiit Tõnts - chairman of Association of municipalities in Võru county; major of Antsla county

4. Peeter Sibul - major of Meremäe municipality

5. Raul Tohv - major of Vastseliina municipality

Daily organisation of work is managed by the executive director Ain Jõesalu - CV