Meeting of Euregio Council

Written by Editor.

Meeting of Euregio Council was held on the 2nd of April  in Mooste (Estonia). Participating representatives of Euregio members - Pskov oblast rayons, latvian and estonian municipalities.

1. Confirming of new President of Euregio Pskov-Livonia - Andris Kazinovskis, head of Duma (Council) of Balvi municipality
2. Information about activities 2012-2013 of Euregio Pskov-Livonia - presentation in Russian
3. There will be negotiations about participating in AEBR
4.  Youth section of Latvia will prepare the joint project for programme Erasmus
5. For the EU cross border cooperation programmes 2014-2020 the next themes of joint projects have been choosen:
- improving the situation of water bodies
- improving the environment of business
- creation of joint tourism products (infrastructure, marketing)
- development of logistics in border regions (Est-Rus, Lat-Rus)
- energy saving by improving of communal economy

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